Video and CBT- Computer Based Training- provides a great alternate books for learning. Let's face it - most people don't want to read the book. Software training manuals can be particularly daunting because they look like and weigh as much as a telephone book. On the other hand, video on screen is often seen as entertaining, so people are more willing to use.

K Street has been producing video and CBT for over 20 twenty years. "Products that are graphically intensive need a graphic based learning environment". " and now with new technology


"(lessons)that are this well conceived and executed provide an excellent way to learn complicated concepts.”“..

".where these tapes will really shine is with individual users who want to increase their AutoCAD knowledge and skills on their own.”

“The time devoted to each topic varies from 10 to 20 minutes, and each is well covered in a logical, methodical progression.”

Dave Pitzer CADALYST

What Other Customers Say:

Architect - Colorado says:

"The various packages K Street offers allows beginners and experienced users to learn at their own pace"
Civil Engineer - California -- National Engineering Co - 500 employees says:

" We use K Street tapes to supplement our training . They free up our people to do their job instead of teach."
California Water District says:

" An invaluable resource to our library"
System Manger and Training Coordinator- Alabama Computer Co. says:

"The 2D package is a must have for any corporate training program."
System Manager - Chemical Co. says:

" If your firm already has a trainng program in place, these offer you a high quality resource to expand and enchance your curriculum."

Interior Designer and Space Planner, Denver says :

"I like the idea of CD's better. They are easier to use in our office on an individual basis."